Dark Folk

Taylor Hernly, singer songwriter from Indianapolis, IN has dedicated his life to traveling the country and playing his songs. Described as unapologetic, real and unique. Whether he’s singing about heartache, dark stories, recovery or redemption, you’re sure to be captivated.



Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, Taylor had a rough start to his life but at six month old he was given a second chance when his grandparents adopted and raised him as their own. It was then he moved to the small town of Mooresville, IN where he would spend most of his life. Taylor started taking drum lessons when he was in 5th grade and went on to pursue a career in drumming through high school, winning 11 gold medals for percussion. In his sophomore year Taylor discovered The Beatles along with an interest in songwriting which led him to pick up the guitar.

In 2015, a year after graduating, Taylor worked at several factories while playing drumming gigs on the weekend for a metal band named Mad World. Taylor served as the bands manager, booking their shows and setting up their internet presence. Not feeling musically satisfied, Taylor started a side project for his own songwriting called “Shasta Sleeves”. He had a demo CD of his live performance at Indianapolis venue “Birdy’s” that he gave to bars and venues to book shows.

In Spring 2016, Taylor got an offer to try out for Outlaw Country Artist Whey Jennings, he knocked the audition out of the park and joined the band, quitting his job and leaving everything behind for a life on the road.

Since then Taylor has played drums with several reputable acts such as Josh Morningstar, Gary West, David Allan Coe and the Rumpke Mountain Boys. No longer playing drums, Taylor now chases after his dream of being a singer songwriter, already going on a month and a half long west coast tour in early 2020 before the Covid-19 pandemic.

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